Project Showcase

Miscellaneous scientific and non-science related work

Hemocyanin - Breakdown & Making Of

The centerpiece of the animation is a high fidelity model of a Horseshoe Crab.

Dynamic Instability in Microtubules

Very much inspired by the exceptional 2018 animated Spider-Man movie, I dove into NPR-rendering with Redshift. As per the standards of my reference, there is no motion blur and depth of field is depicted by chromatic aberrations. While the comic style might be considered gimmicky, I think the "animate in twos" technique is surprisingly well suited for molecular animation. To my eye, the jagged feel alludes to freeze-frame snapshots of the incredibly fast-moving molecules.


My photographs of specimens and lab equipment have found their way into various theses and publications, including the 9th edition of the Purves Biology textbook (German translation, Springer Verlag). Some were used by the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz for promotional materials. I am also a Getty and iStockPhoto contributor.

Sound Design

The power of sound and music cannot be understated. I bring extensive knowledge of audio production and sound design to the table. A broad selection of industry standard tools is available, including binaural mixing capabilities for AR/VR applications.

Listen to excerpts from the background and FX stems of my demo reel:

Poster Design

Meet Mat Contest

In 2017 Allegorithmic held the "Meet Mat" Substance Painter contest. I am honored that my entry is included in the art book by Allegorithmic, which showcases the top 200 submissions (out of ~1200 total). This was my first time using Substance Painter for a project.