Miscellaneous scientific and non-science related work

Demo Reel - Making Of

The video takes the viewer through several worlds, introducing the animal within a familiar underwater setting. Through seamless transitions, we travel into the molecular world inside the animal and then even further to the strange and chaotic atomic world. At this stage, we switch to standard secondary structure representations to make some sense of the chaos. From concept to execution, storyboards were an essential part of the process.

The most complex asset by far is the horseshoe crab, modeled in Pixologic ZBrush and textured in Foundry Mari to great detail. The UVs are spread across 60 UDIMs (1k to 4k resolution per tile) to allow for extreme close-ups. The textures are a combination of projections from reference images and hand painting. Finally, I used SideFX Houdini for rigging, animation, and Vellum hair simulations.

Clay rendering out of ZBrush
Horseshoe crab turntable animation

Another challenge for me was the depiction of the Hemocyanin oxygenation events at the molecular level. To that end, I coded the behaviour in Houdinis' VEX scripting environment. This allowed for controllable oxygenation sequences with randomized start and interval times. I used an additional layer of randomization to break up any remaining uniformity. Due to the long corridor of flight, the simulation comprised over 3500 Hemocyanin molecules (170.000 subunits). Although I utilized level of detail techniques, the scene contained 690 million polygons at render time.

I used Adobe AfterEffects for compositing, grading, effects, and motion graphics. Effects included depth of field, motion blur, glows, and lensflares.


My photographs of specimens and lab equipment have found their way into various theses and publications, including the 9th edition of the Purves Biology textbook (German translation, Springer Verlag). Some were used by the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz for promotional materials. I am also a Getty and iStockPhoto contributor.

Sound Design

The power of sound and music cannot be understated. I bring extensive knowledge of audio production and sound design to the table. A broad selection of industry standard tools is available, including binaural mixing capabilities for AR/VR applications.

Listen to excerpts from the background and FX stems of my demo reel:

Poster Design

A selection of posters I designed during my dissertation.

Presented at VIZBI 2012 Heidelberg
This poster was designed for a science fair in Mainz/Germany in collaboration with the Markl Lab. It outlines the method of single particle 3D reconstruction. Prof. Jürgen Markl supplied the 3D renderings.
Presented at the 3D EM Gordon Conference 2010

Meet Mat Contest

In 2017 Allegorithmic held the "Meet Mat" Substance Painter contest. I am honored that my entry will be included in the upcoming print book by Allegorithmic, which showcases the top 200 submissions (out of ~1200 total). This was my first time using Substance Painter for a project.

Logo Opening Sequence

I produced the logo opener for a promotional video with SideFX Houdini and Redshift.

Dog Daycare Center Promotion

The client brief consisted solely of the requirement to showcase the product range - dog products, physical therapy, and daycare. I performed every task from pre-production to the actual shooting with DSLRs and post-production. I built a DIY camera slider to add rhythm and movement.

If you think I could contribute to your project: I would love to hear from you!




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I am situated in the southern part of Germany - south of Munich near Rosenheim