my name is Christoph Kuehne. I love nature and science. As a biomedical animator I create accurate and engaging visuals for researchers, science communicators, and pharmaceutical companies. I'm always open to collaboration!

Demo Reel

This is a 3.5-minute introduction to the oxygen carrier hemocyanin - a protein I worked with during my dissertation.
Since it is not a demo reel in the classic sense, it contains sound.

Watch the breakdown and making of here.

Dynamic Instability in Microtubules

This is a 1-minute exploration of microtubule formation and non-photorealistic rendering.
The video contains music.

Watch the breakdown and making of here.

About me


Biologist & Visual Communicator

I am a scientific animator and PhD structural biologist, fascinated by science and nature. This enables me to dive quickly into scientific topics. I love the challenge of communicating complex subjects.


Shape, color, light, composition - I draw from years of experience as a professional photographer. I am experienced working in creative and collaborative environments.


2D/3D Generalist

From inception to final delivery, I can take on various roles in the media production pipeline, working as part of a team or independently. I'm equally at home in front of a 3D-workstation, in an editing suite or even a music recording studio.

My main DCC package is SideFX Houdini with Redshift. I also use the Adobe CC suite, Pixologic ZBrush and Foundry Mari.

More information and other projects

Selected science and non-science related projects - sound design, poster design, photography, etc.

If I can contribute to your project, I would love to hear from you!

+49 (0) 8033 979 47 27


Let's connect

I live in Germany, south of Munich (UTC+1/2)